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Midwest Treatment Center provides alcohol and drug treatment classes that are designed to satisfy both court ordered and Secretary of State treatment requirements. We offer all levels of outpatient treatment for DUI and drug-related arrests in Illinois.


Midwest Treatment Center has been helping those in need meet Court and Secretary of State treatment requirements since 2003.


DUI Evaluations

An Alcohol and Drug Evaluation (Uniform Report) will determine if treatment classes are required, and if so, the number required. An evaluation, or updated evaluation, dated within six (6) months is required to attend a Secretary of State hearing.


Treatment Options

Level I - Minimum Risk (DUI Risk Education). Level II - Moderate Risk. 10 hours of DUI Risk Education and 12 hours of early intervention treatment classes. Level II - Significant Risk. 10 hours of DUI Risk Education and 20 hours of treatment classes. Level III - High Risk. A minimum of 75 hours of individualized treatment classes.


Outpatient Substance Abuse Service

Outpatient treatment services less than 9 hours per week focusing on education, self-exploration, problem solving and helping individuals address issues in their life associated with alcohol/drug use.


Risk Programs

The DUI Risk Program is a combination of a minimum of 10 hours risk education and a minimum of 20 hours or as much as 75 hours of outpatient counseling focusing on addressing the individual’s abusive relationship to alcohol and/or drugs.

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