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The professionals at Midwest Treatment Center, Inc. are experts in completing alcohol and drug evaluations (Uniform Report). We have completed over 3500 evaluations since 2003 and will be able to provide clearly written, professional documents for your upcoming hearing. To properly complete an
evaluation, we will need the following:

• A current driver’s abstract
• The Statutory Summary Suspension(s) and/or Law Enforcement Sworn Report
• A brief interview (in person or on the phone) with a family member or friend to verify the
information you provide and to answer any questions or concerns
• An alcohol and drug test to determine if you have been properly classified (typically the Adult
Substance Use and Driving Survey test, commonly referred to as the ASUDS-RI test)
• Information regarding your alcohol and/or drug use history
• Treatment documents (if previously completed)
• A copy of denial order(s), if you have been previously denied driving relief from the Secretary of

The evaluation process typically takes 1.5 to 2 hours. If you have been previously denied at a hearing, we will need more time to adequately address any of the hearing officer’s concerns. Please note that if you have been denied at a hearing, the hearing officer will note the reasons in the denial order. We will need a copy of that to properly address those concerns. If you were unable to relate information about your treatment experience to the hearing officer, you may be required to complete more classes.

If your license is revoked, you will need to demonstrate you have learned the necessary lessons from
treatment and made positive lifestyle changes that will significantly reduce the chance of another
driving under the influence (DUI) arrest.