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If you have been arrested for Driving Under the Influence (DUI), the road to license reinstatement can be a long and difficult one.

The arresting officer will write up the ticket(s) at the scene, including a Statutory Summary Suspension describing what he/she observed at the time of the arrest. Included in your paperwork will be information about your upcoming court time and date. You should strongly consider taking a qualified attorney with you to court. If you choose to go alone or use a public defender, the chance of a positive outcome is slim.

Once the court case has been settled, you may be assigned a social worker or probation officer to monitor your case. You will be required to complete an alcohol and drug evaluation (Uniform Report)
to determine your classification and number of treatment hours you will need to complete to satisfy
the judge. It is imperative that you choose an experienced treatment provider, like Midwest Treatment Center, that will not only educate and enlighten, but also will professionally complete your treatment documents, including: the individualized treatment plan, treatment verification, discharge summary, aftercare plan and aftercare status report. Treatment documents are designed to satisfy both the court, and if necessary, the Secretary of State.

The evaluation process determines the number of treatment classes and level of care you will need
to complete. You will be recommended one of four classifications: Level 1 – minimum risk (10 hours
of DUI Risk Education), Level 2 – Moderate Risk (10 hours of DUI Risk Education and 12 hours of early intervention treatment classes), Level 2 – Significant Risk (10 hours of DUI Risk Education, 20 hours of treatment classes, plus usually six months of aftercare sessions), Level 3 – High Risk (75 hours of treatment classes, plus six to twelve months of aftercare sessions).

Tell your social worker or probation officer that you would like to complete your DUI treatment classes at Midwest Treatment Center. We will meet with you and create an individualized treatment plan, notify your social worker or probation officer that you have begun classes, and keep him/her updated on a monthly basis via progress reports.

Once treatment classes have been completed, you will receive documentation of your successful
completion of treatment requirements. Your social worker or probation officer will be faxed a copy
for their records as well. At this point, if you are eligible, you may take your treatment verification, along with an evaluation dated within six months, to the Secretary of State for a hearing to attempt to reinstate your driver’s license.

You can find a list of hearing requirements here: